Welcome to The Sweepstakes Club


About Us:

The Sweepstakes Club provides computers with Internet access, office support services, technology instruction, and entertainment to the community in a relaxing, fun and welcoming environment.


Company Overview:

The Sweepstakes Club has positioned itself as an Internet Cafe operation with successful methods and marketing strategies for running and growing the business.  Integrity and flawless execution are the cornerstones of our success.  We always hire experienced and friendly employees that fit within the company’s culture and procedures.  The Sweepstakes Club will be the example for others to follow in the industry.  We currently have locations in North Carolina and Ohio with plans to expand into more markets by the end of 2012 and beyond.



The sweepstakes portion of the business is based on a finite pool of entries that have predetermined odds contained within a certified database that attaches to entertaining video style game emulations.  This is exactly the same win and loss procedure that Publishers Clearing House®, McDonald’s®,  Coca-Cola® and other big brand sweepstakes use.  The sweepstakes points being redeemed on a computer is the only difference.